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Database of initiatives and projects

MOAI LABS has created this space to publicize those initiatives that have been considered as good practices for innovatively addressing loneliness and social isolation, mainly experienced by older adults, by providing methodologies, tools or information of interest.

The initiatives have been organized into eight categories for ease of reference. Among the best practices can be found:

  • Strategies, plans and programs promoted from public or private entities that address loneliness and/or social isolation globally and comprehensively in local, regional or statewide areas.
  • Guides and procedures specifically aimed at addressing loneliness and/or social isolation.
  • Technological tools that facilitate the creation and maintenance of social relationships or that contribute to providing information to people living alone (telephony, computers, audiovisuals, etc.).
  • Volunteering and social support initiatives, include projects whose main objective is to create or strengthen social support networks and/or that rely on volunteering as the main support tool for people living alone.
  • Projects that promote intergenerational solidarity to address unwanted loneliness, mainly among young people and the older adults.
  • Contracted services, includes some private initiatives that are directly aimed at offering various services to people living alone.
  • Projects funded by different national and European programs to support initiatives related to loneliness and social isolation.
  • Finally, there are specific initiatives that have been carried out on a cyclical or one-off basis specifically aimed at people living alone.