MOAI LABS project at the IX National Alzheimer Congress

MOAI LABS project at the IX National Alzheimer Congress

MOAI LABS has been present at the IX National Alzheimer’s Congress, inaugurated by Queen Doña Sofía. It has been held in Palacio de Congresos in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, and began on 10th of November 2021. The Congress was organized by CEAFA, hand in hand with the Alzheimer Euskadi Federation and its member associations located in the three historical territories of Community of the Basque Country.

From MOAI LABS project we fight to combat unwanted loneliness and social isolation of older adults. For this reason, it has been a great pride to be present with our stand and to be part of this Congress, to publicize the relationship between Alzheimer’s and unwanted loneliness. In addition, today, this situation of unwanted loneliness has been aggravated due to the problems caused by Covid-19, which has encouraged social isolation to be more frequent and, therefore, has caused people who suffer from this disease and their relatives, have been greatly affected in most cases.

The main objective of the Congress was to give visibility and bet on the fight for early diagnosis in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In addition, one of the bases on which the Congress has focused has been on the need to advance in research, not only biomedical, but also social. Promoting value propositions that represent people’s rights, including the term ‘friendly societies’ and, without forgetting the important role of relatives or caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s, since on many occasions the processes of this disease hard to afford expenses.

In addition to participating through our stand, we have also learned about other initiatives by attending different presentations. Among them, we have been present in the talks included in the thematic blocks “Loneliness and Rural Environment”, “Loneliness and Dementias”.

In the first block of talks, we attended the presentations “” I stay by your side “. Loneliness Prevention. Comprehensive Intervention” and “Araba a punto, a Collective Construction Strategy to face the challenge of unwanted Loneliness” where needs, problems and mitigation strategies were detected that were very similar to those that our Experienced Experts identified in the first co-creaction sessions.

In relation to the second thematic block, where the importance of cognitive stimulation in these neurodegenerative processes and its relationship with loneliness was discussed, the knowledge shared in the oral presentations is aligned with the contributions made by the Community of Experts by Experience MOAI and the members of the Early Demand Group during the definition of the MOAI Challenges.

During our stay at the Alzheimer’s Congress, many people have come to our stand to receive information about the project, the initiatives launched, its progress and the next steps to take. Therefore, it has been very gratifying and enriching for us to be able to participate in this National Alzheimer’s Congress.

Co-creation session at MindLabs of the INTRAS Foundation