MOAI LABS project announces the winners of CONNECT and ACTIVATE challenges

MOAI LABS project announces the winners of CONNECT and ACTIVATE challenges

Entrepreneurs, companies and researchers have participated in solving ‘CONNECT’ and ‘ACTIVATE’ challenges,  with the aim of finding innovative solutions to combat unwanted loneliness and social isolation.

  • A total of 11 entities from Spain, Portugal and France have participated by submitting innovative proposals.
  • The awarded company has been a Portuguese start up with the solution AHOA: Actif and Hapier Older Adults involving technology, science and citizen solutions.
  • This awarded company will participe in an acceleration program given by the beneficiaries of the MOAI LABS project until January 2023 and will obtain a go-to-market bonus of €34,000 for the implementation and testing of its solutions through training sessions. co-creation with end users in the project’s living labs.

About the winning proposal

AHOA:  Actif and Happier Older Adults
Actif Age Lda https://www.actif.online/ is a Portuguese start up that promotes and healthier and happier aging process through an online community that gathers older adults and professionals. The platform analyses each individual condition to recommend a personalized and engaging activity plan that includes online and offline activities and socialization aspects. This plan is design to maintain users’ physical and cognitive capabilities by promoting new healthy activities. The platform has several physical and cognitive activities, and it is compatible with the main used devices. It promotes proximity and new relations through peer-sharing classes and forum between users.