MOAI Labs co-creation sessions begin

MOAI Labs co-creation sessions begin

The first two co-creation sessions have been carried out with the Group of Experts by Experience (seniors who experience loneliness) of each of the 5 Living Labs participating in MOAI Labs, among them the MindLabs of the INTRAS Foundation and the University of Aveiro.

Both sessions have focused on talk about loneliness and how elderly people define and experience it, better understanding the problem as well as people’s real needs and desires.

In the first of the co-creation sessions, questions were addressed to delve into the different factors that contribute to a person feeling alone and the experience of different types of loneliness (social, emotional, existential).

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Co-creation session at the MindLabs (Foundation INTRAS)

Meanwhile, in the second co-creation session, topics such as the influence of feeling vulnerable in the experience of loneliness have been addressed, if losses influence the feeling of loneliness and information has been collected on how each person deals with loneliness.

These co-creation sessions will be complemented with individualized interviews where the participants will take a standard questionnaire, with the aim of completing the qualitative study with quantitative data.

The questionnaires are based on recommendations from the international scientific community (consensus recommendations for assessing loneliness).

In later stages of MOAI Labs, based on the analysis of the results, two technological challenges will be presented aimed at improving the situation of elderly people who feel lonely.

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Co-creation session at University of Aveiro